Sharma Scuba offers a range of trainings series through the dive season. Our current offerings are as follows:


First-Time Divers Immersion:


a month-long intensive which takes divers from their first trips with masks and air tanks to moderate depths and a prep course for freediving.


Intermediate Investigations:


helps relatively inexperience divers get more dives under their belts without taking any risks, and includes basic equipment training for planning your own dives on computers


Advanced and Technical Diving


expert instruction for those who have a good deal of diving experience and need some extra finesse and technical expertise


Certification Course


intermediate instruction ending in participants receiving recreational diving certification


Equipment Exploration


an easy but adaptable course that explores the use of different pieces of dive equipment in common use, featuring gear experts from the shop


Individual lessons are also available on an appointment basis, subject to availability. Rates depend on the level of instruction required and the equipment involved. Contact to find out more.