The best dive gear now available at Sharma

As the weather heats up and we begin heading toward another fantastic dive season, it’s a fantastic time to stop by Sharma Scuba to see all the latest and greatest diving gear we’ve stocked. We’re the premiere diving stockists in Cornwall, and it doesn’t take more than a glance around the shop to see for why we’re constantly receiving praise for having the best selection in the West Country!

Sharma Scuba carries all manner of dive gear from full body suits, fins, masks and snorkels to technical equipment like dive computers and air assemblies for the most challenging descents. To give you even more incentive to come visit us this spring, we hope you’ll be as excited as we are to see what we’ve got stocked for you!

As always, we’ve got a full selection of fins, including the latest from Cressi that we’re super excited about. They’re made in Italy just like older Cressi fins, but the new lineup are made with a special molding process that uses multiple materials without leaving any seams. That means the days of having to deal with disintegrating fins in the name of technical developments is a thing of the past! We’re stocking all the different models from this year’s lineup, so every diver can take advantage of these new technical advances, whether you’re a casual paddler or a technical pro.

We’re also pleased to have all the latest dive computers in stock, including the new Suunto Eon Steel, which is one of the most exciting machines our instructors say they have used in their careers! Come in and check it out before you head on your next technical trip. If you’re the sort of diver who likes to keep things simple, we’ve also got the updated Cressi Giotto and Suunto Zoop editions, which are improvements on two of our best-selling computers. Check out to see what we’re talking about!

If you haven’t dived with a computer before, you’re a perfect candidate for the workshop we’ll be offering every Sunday through the dive season. Head out with one of our trained instructors and learn how to use dive computers to keep yourself safe underwater. It’s also an opportunity to test drive some of the systems we carry in the store and figure out what you want out of your computer.

This season, we’re also pleased to start carrying dive watches as well as computers, so that’s exciting for any timepiece fans. We’ve partnered with Seiko to stock most of their range, and our shop staff have been trained to answer any questions you may have about the premium timepieces from Seiko.

This season, we’re putting a special spotlight on our new Cressi product showcase. We’ve been stocking Cressi products and using them in the dive school for years now, but we’re so very pleased to announce that we’re now an official partner retailer, which means that we’re devoting a whole wall of the shop to the brand, and we’re allowed to carry exclusives from Cressi that you can’t find at other UK dive shops.

Check out the new showcase next time you’re in town! We’ve got the full range of fins, as mentioned, and we’ve also set up a big swivel rack of all the masks Cressi have this year, and there are some great ones in. No matter what kind of valve or face design you prefer, there’s something for everybody. There’s snorkels as well, with some incredibly affordable choices for Italian-made products of the highest quality.

We’ve also expanded our Kids section with lots of full-face masks for new snorkelers. And for those who hate the current slew of knock-offs in the online marketplace, rest assured that we only carry the original full-face masks, no imitations!

Visit us today to see lots more new and exciting products as well as popular classics! Need good quality, tried and tested dive watches? Visit this page.